More than just a PC manufacturer, HCCI custom engineer’s each computer system specifically to meet the requirements of the customer. Our qualified engineers meet with you to determine your needs both now and in the future. We then design a PC focused on meeting those needs.

HCCI takes great care in designing your system so that future upgrades will extend the lifetime of service at a minimum expense. We use only industry standard components from manufacturers that meet our strict guidelines for product quality, performance and support. Each system carries a one-year warrantee, backed by superior service and support.

Customized to Your Needs

There are as many uses for computers as there are users. While a single computer model may work for most users, it will not be optimized for the tasks it is presented with and will never live up to the full potential that it should.

At HCCI, we listen to what you want the PC to do and design it accordingly. This ensures that the end product lives up to your expectations.

Industry Standard Hardware

Since the dawn of the personal computer there have been standards that define each and every part of a computer system and how they should interact with each other. This was done to ensure that different components from various suppliers would work when assembled.

Unfortunately, the large computer manufacturers of today design their systems in total disregard of these guidelines. Their purpose is to ensure that upgrades, service and support of the PC ensure a future source of income. For the user this results in higher repair and upgrade costs, as well as potential incompatibility with other equipment added after purchase.

HCCI constructs systems using only industry standard components to ensure a flexible and reliable PC.

Easy to Upgrade

One of the most common complaints about personal computers is that it is more difficult and expensive to upgrade one than to purchase a new model. Leading manufacturers typically design a model to ensure that upgrades will be required within the first year just to achieve reasonable performance.

HCCI's goal is to provide you with a system that will meet your needs now, and over the next three years, without a lot of expensive upgrades. We also work hard to ensure that when it is time to upgrade, the PC is capable of expansion without requiring replacement.

In-house Setup & Service

One of the most frustrating things about PC's is the initial unpacking and setup. While manufacturers try to make it easy, many people still have a difficult time.

We believe that purchasing a computer should be a pleasant process, and that your time is valuable. HCCI provides in-house delivery and setup within our service area. Our technicians will connect the PC, test all components and even customize your configuration so that your system is ready to go when you are.

Full 1 Year Warrantee

At HCCI, we stand behind our products and services. All computer systems have a one year warrantee on parts and labor. For components that have a longer warrantee period, we honor the manufacturer's offer.