HCCI provides education and training in a wide variety of computer related disciplines. Our instructors specialize in teaching complex concepts using non-technical analogies. This allows HCCI to provide significant advancement in a particular curriculum in a minimum of time. Additionally, we provide training for specific topics or applications upon request.

Whether you are an individual who wants to gain knowledge in how to better use your home system or a business administrator looking for group training to enhance your staff’s capabilities, HCCI has the resources and expertise to meet your needs.

PC Construction

This course provides a basic introduction to the theory behind computer operation. This includes definition and identification of the specific sub-components, assembly techniques, troubleshooting and repair. Other topics include basic operating system theory, installation and configuration of device drivers, and PC optimization.

Introduction to Windows

Do you use your PC only to get your email? Would you like to know more about how the Internet works? HCCI’s Introduction to Windows course provides instruction on the basic operation of Windows itself. Don’t learn how to use WordPerfect or Excel. Learn how Windows works and put your PC to work for you. This course covers basic Windows functions, application installation, data storage, network resources, and basic navigation of the Internet.

Introduction to Programming

Interested in developing your own software applications? Let HCCI give you a head start by instructing you in proper program design and implementation. This course discusses variable types, simple program structures, compliance with Windows applications standards, graphical user interface design, debugging, compiling and testing. People \ completing this course will have a basic understanding of what a program actually is, how Windows executes it, and the ability to develop their own basic applications. This class is taught using Microsoft Visual Basic.

Advanced Programming Concepts

The follow on to our Introductory course, Advanced Programming Concepts addresses use of complex structures, database design and management, application design and development procedures, and use of the Windows API to generate powerful software products. This class is taught using Microsoft Visual Basic.

Customized Training

Do you have specific training needs that no one seems to meet? Contact HCCI today. We will develop and then deliver training for the topics you require. With specialists in all areas of computer technology, we have the ability to maximize your training time.